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[Sticky Post][Locked]Reason: kicked and banneddrippy-02/24/2007 10:35drippy-1
[Poll] Ok is this legal?LGMB9503311/30/2022 21:13Matt_tfc33
[Poll] Are you excitedLGMB9503311/30/2022 17:00Ignorant_Florist99
The haboob comesmoose poop11/30/2022 16:06moose poop38
Just curiousLGMB9503311/25/2022 00:34Wild Karrde7
[Poll] I have to know....XenOz3r0xT11/23/2022 22:26Ignorant_Florist52
Tanya banned for 5 days?billyb11/22/2022 21:04Peluchon11
*ahem*Ignorant_Florist11/21/2022 20:37sp0t18
An attack on onekyree11/18/2022 20:26Ignorant_Florist32
Future of russia πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ conflictEmotionallyDisturbedParakeet11/16/2022 15:39moose poop228
Sauce is a bit spicyPeluchon11/13/2022 20:38Peluchon22
[Poll] Was 9/11 an inside job?[SHS]Hitz11/10/2022 16:51Anubis251
[Poll] Should trump remain gagged on twitter?EmotionallyDisturbedParakeet11/10/2022 02:33Prelude to Agony40
[Poll] An idea for our brother kyree[SHS]Hitz11/08/2022 16:28kyree15
[Poll] Which one of you mf'ersmoose poop11/07/2022 18:57Ignorant_Florist5
Y'all think tanya is annoying..kyree11/07/2022 18:53Ignorant_Florist7
@pta..i couldn't make the kingkyree11/07/2022 10:35Prelude to Agony6
I think i know who you'relevel1nobody11/06/2022 17:27level1nobody1
What's up withkyree11/05/2022 11:47kyree11
For the love of godMaddog11/04/2022 08:26EmotionallyDisturbedParakeet14
[Poll] Legal or not?LGMB9503311/04/2022 02:09EmotionallyDisturbedParakeet64
Interesting covid article....Prelude to Agony11/03/2022 14:28level1nobody18
[Poll] Yeah this guy was spawn hugging at least.LGMB9503311/03/2022 11:33Ignorant_Florist9
[Poll] What really happened with paul pelosi?Backalleybuttlove11/02/2022 16:41Ignorant_Florist41
What is your fave off beat songkyree11/01/2022 21:14angry_salad200
[Poll] The fuck is this shit??[SHS]Hitz10/30/2022 10:59Matt_tfc7
Cry like a wolf...kyree10/23/2022 06:34kyree3
Random thoughtIgnorant_Florist10/23/2022 04:09EmotionallyDisturbedParakeet69
[Poll] You decide!LGMB9503310/17/2022 00:11Peluchon28
Cowboys gonna win the superbowlBuckNasty10/12/2022 02:57EmotionallyDisturbedParakeet4